Monday, November 24, 2003

Some are attacking the President for attacking the Terrorists!

This is the ad that the Dems are whining about. This is another example of the Dems asserting that Republican are questioning their patriotism, though no such thing has been said. The Dems are quite defensive on the patriotism issue, mostly because a lot of Americans see their actions as anti-American. Dissent is not the same thing as patriotism and the Dems should not equate the two.

That being said, the Republicans are frequently called "insensitive" (re race, gender, homosexuality, etc) by the Dems, which is the new language used by the left to assert that the GOP and conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. In other words, the Dems think its ok to hint at/imply/flatly state that Republican are bigots everytime there are substantive policy disagreements on these issues, but its not ok for the GOP to assert that the Dems/Left wing is unpatriotic and anti-American when they think the U.N. should have veto power over American foreign policy, Bush is a liar on Iraq, went to war in Iraq over oil and Haliburton, and the administration is trampling all of our civili liberties. Politics no longer stops at the water's edge.