Friday, December 05, 2003

where the heck am I?

Its final exam time and, as usual, I'm studying long and hard throughout the day and night, unaware of my surroundings or responsibilities...or at least it looks that way. So to date: I actually don't have an exam until the 10th, but I have another the next day, so a double whammy like that forces me to study two classes at once. I'll try to post but if I don't, i'll cut myself some slack.

Exam Sched:

12/10 Legal Profession

12/11 Federal Courts and Jurisdiction

12/16 Criminal Procedure

My fourth class, Supreme Court Seminar forced me to produce a paper, which you can download here. Its what I would write if I were given the assignment to author the majority opinion in the Supreme Court case of Locke v. Davey.