Thursday, January 29, 2004

Don't Worry about Bush

There is a lot of fretting going on out there about the Bush domestic agenda. Today's NEA announcement has produced another tidal wave of "Bush is not a true conservative" backlash. But frankly, though I hate the rise of big government Republicanism as much as the next guy, but Bush is still the man to vote for. The main reason of course, is that Bush has his eye on the big picture. Yeah, this NEA biz, Mars, prescription drug benefit, Immigration, No-Child left behind, etc all are political maneuvers to increase Bush's popularity by positioning him more towards the center. Though, a lot of this began before 911, its all clearly aimed at getting Bush reelected. Nothing could be more important for this country than the reelection of President Bush for one reason: the war on Terror.

Can we trust any of the Dems to conduct the war on terror better than Bush? NO. ALL of them are not only unqualified compared to Bush, but whoever the Dem nominee is, will capitulate to the UN on the foreign side of the war and the ACLU on the Homeland front. Bush has done neither. Bush supports the Patriot Act to fight terror. Bush supports going after rogue regimes who sponsor terror. This is all much more important than any domestic issue, that won't mean shit if millions of us die from biological, chemical or nuclear terrorist attacks. The Bush approach to terror, simply put, is that we won't back down and live with terror. The Dems take the Euro approach to terror, which is the same approach they took to the Soviet threat - that is, its here to stay, so lets try to appease it and maybe they won't kill us. That failed then, and it will fail now.

My point is that if Bush has play politics on the domestic side and ruffle some conservative feathers to stay in office and keep the Dems out, then so be it. We'll all be better off. Reagan took a similar approach when he was President. He took on the Soviets instead of cowerin in fear. Yeah, defecit spending went way up, but because of his tax cuts the economy grew enough to eventually catch up. But at the time it was more important to rebuild our military strength to combat the communist threat to freedom. Reagan presided over a granting of amnesty to illegals and us conservatives don't think any less of him. Why? Because he won the Cold War. If Bush wins the war on terror, or at least gets us off to fast start (there's no indication that this will be a war that finishes by the end of his 2nd term) and sets the tone for winning it, then history will show him to be the great leader we all know he is. He might even be as revered, or more so, than Reagan.

Also, lets not forget that Bush has cut taxes for EVERYONE, which will grow our economy, has appointed conservatives to federal bench (though many linger), and signed the partial birth abortion ban that Clinton vetoed twice (and that any other Dem president would veto). A large Bush victory this November will further give Bush the mandate to put conservatives on the bench and the Dems won't be able to block his nominees after that (remember this fillibuster business all stems from their view of Bush as the illegitimate president). But there will be no solid mandate without staunch conservative support.

In short, the Dems can't be trusted on National/Homeland Security and the war on terror. Bush can, and a large Bush victory will give him the mandate required to push a more conservative agenda.