Monday, January 19, 2004

Hawkeye Cauci

So Kerry won the caucuses in Iowa. (is he still talking?) Quick, who won them in 1988? 1992? In neither case did the winner win the nomination for the Dems. Even George Bush the father beat Reagan there in 1980. But this was significant because the Iowa Dems went a pragmatic route rather than choosing the angry Howard Dean. Dean's support seems to have solidified among the rabid anti-war crowd. But other dems wanted more on other issues b/c they know that the war is a loser for them and their party. After he became the frontrunner people started to take a better look at the guy and found out he's a nutcase. It didn't help that the Republicans were ripping the guy and showing their desire for him to be the nominee. We showed our cards too early, but the Dems probably would have figured it out sooner or later anyway. Too bad it wasn't after the conventions. We'll see what Dean is made of, but judging by his outburst tonight, and routinely on the stump, he's not ready for primetime. He may have surrounded himself w/ Yes men and people who worship him like he is a golden calf of anti-Bushism.

The other big news is the rise of Edwards. He's the new media candidate now. I think Kerry will have money problems from here on out, unless he starts racking up wins. Of course I predicted Howard Dean, so what do I know?