Sunday, March 14, 2004

How to Stage a Controversy

How to Stage a Controversy This is a great explanation of how the media and liberals are on the same page on this 9/11 Bush ad story. What gets me is that the Bush team acts so surprised when its gets criticized for these ads. I could've told you on 9/12/01 that anytime Bush mentioned 9/11 in his reelection campaign, there would be a scurilous, shrill left-wing activist response. It' so obvious. It's not going to change. Bush needs to be on the offensive on this and get out there and say that the Democrats don't want to discuss 9/11 b/c they don't take national security and the war on terror seriously. I know they're starting to do that with their latest ads, but still. Furthermore, everything else the President's team does in this campaign, whether it be about the economy or energy or the environment, will be attacked by these left wing crazies...and no doubt the media will label all these groups as nonpartisan, which is media code for left-wing.