Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Reagan won the Cold War!

Gorby won a Nobel Peace Prize...his side LOST the Cold War!!!! How is it that liberal elitists heap all these praises onto to that Red for "reforming" the Soviet Union! Any credit should be duly heaped on to Ronald Reagan! He stared down Gorby and Gorby blinked. Reagan never blinked. He never waivered. He said he would take them out and that is what happened. Reagan did it without firing one bullet, one missle or one bomb.

All the libs who were agonizing over the Soviet power in the late 70s and during the 80's now claim that the USSR was on a decline and was going to collapse anyway and Reagan deserves credit only for not dropping the ball near the basket. That's called jumping on the bandwagon.

To use an imperfect analogy, in baseball, if a pitcher enters the game while its team is losing, only to have the team come back and scores the go ahead runs while that pitcher is on the mound, that pitcher gets credited for the win. Well, not only is Ronald Reagan the pitcher of record during the Cold War, his team clearly won. America was down to the Soviets during the 70's due to the loss in Vietnam, and the Nixon and Carter policies of detente. Reagan took the ball and dominated the opposition. Additionally, at the plate, he hit the ball out of the park with his policies. While I'm at it, he was the manager, too. Anyway, my point is that we don't credit the NY Yankees for the Florida Marlins World Series victory last fall. To the victor go the spoils. We won, they lost. Reagan deserves the credit. He knew how to win the Cold War, told us what he would do, and then did it. The result? As he said. The communist regime ended up on the ash heap of history. And we're all better off.