Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kerry out to smear the Swiftvets out of the headlines

Read this.

"According to a Kerry campaign source in Washington, the campaign itself, or perhaps entities outside of the campaign to allow for plausible deniability, has pulled together more than 1,000 documents related to members of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, many of them compiled within the past three weeks by professional opposition researchers assigned to dig up dirt.

"We have the documents," says the campaign source. "It's not clear that the campaign did this or that it was done by an outside group and given to us. Either way, we have the stuff and we're going to use it."

"In some cases, the material is said to include psychological evaluations from the post-Vietnam era, employment records, and criminal and civil court records (including divorce and child support data)."

If the Kerry camp wants to go down this road, it opens the door to the release of his divorce records, as well as Theresa's financials.

Of course...

"Meanwhile, the Kerry campaign continued to look for documentary material that would aid their candidate in some way, but were striking out. 'A lot of were pushing for a full release of Kerry's diaries from the period. But we're hearing that those diaries aren't helpful at all, and may actually make matters worse,' says a Democratic political strategist not aligned with Kerry."

The guy lies to his own diary??? Of course not! He's lying to us.