Friday, September 24, 2004

Capturing Osama?

Best of the Web Today disagrees with my take on the Ketchup Queen's statement that Osam woud be caught between now and election day.

From Best of the Web:

"Unlike her husband's use of beheadings as a campaign issue, Heinz Kerry's comments about bin Laden are harmless. But they reveal a lot about the campaign's mindset. To most Americans, maybe Osama will be captured next month is a hopeful statement. To Heinz Kerry, it is an accusation. How dare the Bush administration do something that is in America's national interest when it would be harmful to John Kerry politically?

"We're not saying that Kerry and Heinz Kerry actually hope America will lose the war; our argument is far more nuanced than that. By way of analogy, suppose it's late in the football season. The Steelers have a shot at the playoffs but don't control their destiny. If the Raiders have to beat the Patriots for the Steelers to make the playoffs, Steeler fans will root for the Raiders, not out of loyalty but out of self-interest.

There's no question that Kerry has lost control of his destiny. But someone ought to remind him that war isn't a game."