Thursday, September 30, 2004

First take on the debate

Overall, I think it was close. Kerry was a little more forceful at times in his style, but just said too many stump speech cliches. Bush missed a few opportunities to really nail Kerry, but he did nail him on a number of occasions. Kerry never really "nailed" Bush on anything, that I could tell. Bush should have brought up Kerry's vote against the $87B. Bush should have made the point that of th "$200B" appropriated, much was spent on Afghanistan, and the entire package appropriate hasn't in fact been spent yet. Bush hit Kerry over the head with the "changes his position too much" line, while he should have focused more on what that means. He did it some, but just not enough for me.

Bush's delivery was too choppy. Too many pauses. Seemed to get it going, then stopped.

If I'm a little more harsh on the President, its b/c I had high expectations (I know, sorry.)

Best Bush moment: (1) when Bush said "What is he going to say to these countries he invites? Please join us in Iraq for a grand diversion? Please join us in 'the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time.'"

Runner-up: When he nailed Kerry on the "global test" line.

Worst Bush line: "The moment we have one-on-one talks, the six-party talks will unravel."

Bush had a much better closing statement. Kerry mentioned Vietnam too much and repeated the "defended this country..." line.

Overall Grade:

Bush: B-

Kerry: B-

Lehrer: C (tried to pick a fight with Bush, too many)

Kerry didn't deliver any sort of knockout blow, so he lost. A tie was a loss for Kerry.