Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kerry on the Economy

Kerry makes his case on the economy.

Questions for Mr. Kerry: How does increasing taxes on the "upper 2%" enable business, most of which would be subject to this tax increase, to employ more people? How does taking money out of the economy and giving it to government help create jobs? Didn't 9/11 have an ecomomic impact that is not attributable to President Bush, but instead to the 19 hijackers and Al Qaeda? Have you ever held a private sector job?

It seems fair that, as Kerry argue, since President Bush did not serve in Vietnam or in any war, that he is less qualified than you to be Commander in Chief, questions about your past dealings as a private sector employer/employee/business owner are legitimate. If John Kerry has never been in the shoes of small or big business management, he can't possibly be qualified to judge which policies are best for the economy.

Frankly, I don't if he has ever held a private sector job. I know he's married into big-time money (more than once), but marrying billionaires can't form the basis of a national economic policy. I do know that Kerry was a Senator for the last 19 years and that Senators are very good at spending tax dollars. I also know that Democrats who promise tax increases will go out of their way to keep that promise. Not only will Kerry increase taxes, but he will offer more government than anyone can pay for and that he will "discover" that he can't stick to his original promise to raise taxes only on the top 2% (like Clinton) and he will be "forced" to raise taxes on the middle class.

I simply don't believe a Democrat on this type of issue, especially Kerry, who will change his mind and position at the first chance. Nice try Mr. Kerry. You simply can't be trusted on this issue.