Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A super (important) post on the new media diversity

Frum on the type of diversity liberals hate:

"But that was never going to happen. For conservatives, the advent of Rush

Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and FoxNews and the blogosphere is all good news. But

for liberals, the move from a world dominated by three big liberal networks, two

big liberal newsmagazines, and two great liberal newspapers to a world in which

bloggers can bring down a network anchor and the Times' own executive editor is

an absolute and utter catastrophe, even if some of those bloggers happen to be

liberal themselves.

"American are living now in a world of media diversity. It's the worst thing to happen to Democratic hopes since the Sunbelt went Republican. It's understandable that the Times would feel surly. The only wonder is that this time it chose to vent that surliness against bloggers who want nothing more than to contribute their mite to the Times' own team."