Thursday, September 09, 2004

Yes, Cheney was right

American Spectator makes the case.

"Kerry wouldn't negotiate with terrorists, says Albright. Really? Why then did he meet with the Viet Cong terrorists in Paris? Why was his first senatorial field trip a visit to Managua to vouch for the peaceful intentions of Daniel Ortega, a Sandinista terrorist? Redefining terrorists as statesmen is a Democratic habit that won't die. Their longstanding policy of d├ętente toward America's enemies is a policy of defeat. You can see this feeble-mindedness in Kerry's campaign slogan, 'Respected in the world,' as if the goal of American foreign policy is to win the affection of America's enemies. 'Liked by the World,' is what the Kerry slogan means, and the price of that policy is exactly what Cheney predicts: an America that fecklessly fights the war on terrorism, preferring a hollow popularity abroad to real peace at home."