Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Bankruptcy of the Democrats

The Democrats are trying to score cheap political points by bringing up Dick Cheney's daughter's sexual preference/orientation (Like the President, I don't claim to know either). What this "cheap and tawdry political trick' shows is a cynical and unbalanced view of politics that underlies Kerry and the Democrats' views on the gay issues and other issues as well. Essentially, the Democrats tactic here is to try to divide conservatives on gay marriage, their logic being that conservatives are bigots and the conservative objections to gay marriage or other protections and benefits for gays is borne out of a Neanderthal hatred of them. This logic shows a deep misunderstanding (or intentional distortion) of conservative views and provides deep insight into how Democrats view politics in this country.

The Kerry tactic of "outing" Mary Cheney to divide Republicans over the gay marriage issue presupposes, not only that the GOP hates gays, but that holding conservative positions on gay marriage and other "gay" issues is hypocritical if you know, like, love or are related a gay person. This is the personalization of politics. To know, like, love or be related to a gay person requires you to accept and agree with all of the liberal positions on gay rights. This type of thinking underlies the liberal position on race and women's issues as well. You oppose race quotas: you're a bigot. You represent the Confederate/Jefferson Davis position. If you oppose them and are black, you're a sell-out to your race: an Uncle Tom. Whites can't even understand. If you are a woman then you must toe the party line on abortion, women in the military, or wage controls that require "equal pay for equal work." If you don't, you're an out of touch, barefoot and pregnant, leave-it-to-Beaver world living baby-maker. Men can't even understand.

If you oppose gay rights, you're a bigot. But, if you are Dick Cheney and have a lesbian daughter, and you STILL support the Bush position on the FMA, you're a horrible father and a hypocrite. Thus, the logic goes, mentioning Cheney's daughter is "fair game" because he isn't politically, what he is personally. This frame of mind sums up the "so what" response from some Kerry backers. This viewpoint is cynical and it goes a long way in explaining the Democrat hate-filled irrational behavior during the election season.