Saturday, October 30, 2004

Belmont Club hits the nail on the head

Belmont Club nails it:

It is important to notice what he has stopped saying in this speech. He has stopped talking about the restoration of the Global Caliphate. There is no more mention of the return of Andalusia. There is no more anticipation that Islam will sweep the world. He is no longer boasting that Americans run at the slightest wounds; that they are more cowardly than the Russians. He is not talking about future operations to swathe the world in fire but dwelling on past glories. He is basically saying if you leave us alone we will leave you alone. Though it is couched in his customary orbicular phraseology he is basically asking for time out.

The American answer to Osama's proposal will be given on Election Day. One response is to agree that the United States of America will henceforth act like Sweden, which is on track to become majority Islamic sometime after the middle of this century. The electorate best knows which candidate will serve this end; which candidate most promises to be European-like in attitude and they can choose that path with both eyes open. The electorate can strike that bargain and Osama may keep his word. The other course is to reject Osama's terms utterly; to recognize the pleading in his outwardly belligerent manner and reply that his fugitive existence; the loss of his sanctuaries; the annihilation of his men are but the merest foretaste of what is yet to come: to say that to enemies such as he, the initials 'US' will always mean Unconditional Surrender.

Osama has stated his terms. He awaits America's answer.

What OBL is doing with this tape is negotiating. He is offering "peace" if we just leave him and the middle east alone. Bush has said all along that the GWOT is not going to be ended at a negotiating table. There will be no negotiated terms, no treaties, no compromises, no Battleship Missouri. Kerry, on the other hand, is just the type to hear this tripe and think that we can have peace in our time, maybe not "unilaterally" with America, but maybe with some Europeans doing the leg work. He wouldn't agree to OBL's terms, but something could be worked out. OBL sounded no worse than Michael Moore or Howard Dean in this latest video. How bad could he be? He was rattling off Democrat/ talking points.

This also shows how Al Qaeda has been devastated over the past few years. Sure, Osama's still alive, but he obviously isn't "negotiating" from a position of strength. This move is a desperate move required by desperate times. We're close to nailing this guy and he knows it. A Bush victory on Tuesday will only seal his fate.

Osama's plea to the American people: Kerry is a guy he can negotiate with. Bush is not.