Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Faces of the Sorry Left

Check out THE TERRIFYING FACE OF FORGIVENESS. These people are so pathetic. Sorry for freeing you from your murderous dictator and giving hope for the future. Don't you hate it when you make the world a safer place. Damn! Notice how very few of them are young people, meaning that most are 60's leftovers.

What caught my eye the most (besides the lack of smiles -- "Ok, everyone, say atrocitieeeeeeeeees"), is that a lot of these folks are apologizing for failing to stop our government. These 60's has-beens and never-weres, all must think that it is their place in the world to march and protest and prevent the government from engaging in military actions abroad. Buoyed by their 60's exploits, recollections of which no doubt have grown fonder and more mythically great over the years, these rejects have not changed. Their worldviews have not changed. Every war is Vietnam. Every president is Nixon. Every soldier is a war criminal, and every conflict is the fault of evil American capitalism. There can be no peace if there is war. These people are pathetic.

They apologize because they don't understand how they failed to stop the war. They protested. They marched. They made signs and chanted slogans: "1,2,3,4, we don't want your racist war," and "No war for oil!" Yet, they failed. The U.S. went anyway. We deposed Saddam. We liberated the Iraqi people. They aren't sorry for whatever ill was incurred by the Iraqi people. Hell, they didn't do anything personally for which they could rightly apologize. They're sorry that they weren't powerful enough. They're sorry that their worldview no longer dominates (if if ever did). They're sorry because...well, these people are just plain sorry. The face of the sorry leftovers.