Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The real reason Kerry has lost the debate

Kerry's biggest problem coming out of the debates has been the incredibly stupid things he has said. The first 2 debate provided the Bush team many soundbites and quotes and "nuance" with which to slam Kerry. Out of the 1st debate came the global test and anti-bunker busters. Bush gave them nothing to slam him on, other than style points. The 2nd debate proved much the same. Kerry announced a "read my lips" plan on taxes and called Iraq and threat and not a threat within 3 sentences answering a question, admitted to being a lawyer and said, with a straight face, "John Edwards and I support tort reform."

Now, there is this NYT article proclaiming that Kerry wasn't altered by 9/11, really sees terrorism as a nuisance like illegal gambling and prostitution, wants to go back to the way we were (pre-9/11), and his potential Secretary of State announcing that the war on terrorism is not really a war, but a metophor.

My first point is that Kerry is providing so much ammunition to Bush, that the President should send Kerry a Christmas (not in Cambodia) card. Bush has provided nothing in return. Second, all this crap that spews out of the Senator's mouth is more revealing than he would like it be. He can't argue that he supports American pre-emptive action if he claims that we must first pass a "global test." He cannot claim to be for getting tough on Iran when he wants to give them the nuclear materials they need to build the bomb, only to enforce their broken promises later. He cannot claim to be able to build alliances when he insults our allies. The Kerry coalition would consist of France and Germany and maybe Russia, though I doubt that.

All of this material plays into Bush's hand. While he doesn't come off as an intellectual giant in these debates and certainly has missed some opportunities to slam Kerry more than he has, he hasn't given Kerry any ammo either. He's stayed the course. We know from these debates, and before, where Bush stands. Now, Kerry has revealed more of himself than he wanted to. But he just can't help it. It's his time to show off his keen intellect. He just doesn't think its going to get him in trouble. He probably shouldn't be so articulate.

This entire episode also boils down the flip-flopping situation as well. Kerry, besides being indecisive, is really a liberal at heart. Unfortunately, for him a liberal of that ilk won't win the presidency, so he's had to hide it. That's what the vote for war was about. That's why he said he believed life began at conception. That's why he says he wants to kill the terrorists wherever they are (except in Iraq, because despite the terrorists pouring over the borders, there are no terrorists there). But no one really believes him. As Bush would say, he's not credible. He has revealed more of himsef in these debates and the NYT piece than he ever wanted to. Too bad that he was just too smart to know it. That's why he's lost the debate.