Saturday, October 02, 2004

SNL Debate Round 1

I remember the Saturday Night Live debates after each of the Bush/Gore debates. They were classic - ie "strategery." So, I just tuned in to this season's take on the debate. Pretty good. They exaggerated JK's height advantage over GW. But they did a really good job of showing the flip flopper. All they had to put Bush down was to make fun of his stumbling over words and his lack of flow. Ehh..whatever.

Ahhh...but now I see Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin on the stage. Hmmm...Baldwin was even able to utter "the Democratic National Convention" and how both were there for it. Lame. Of course we all know where the writers on this show come down on the political spectrum - one being Tina Fey who'd sooner hoch a loogie than say something positive about the President or his administration.