Sunday, November 07, 2004

Election aftermath and a call to all sane minded pundits

PoliPundit makes an interesting point about "yellow dog republicans"

It's the Party, stupid!

Pundits are twisting themselves into knots trying to explain this election. Apparently, Karl Rove's Darth Vaderness convinced millions of evangelical Christians to vote against the gays.

Humbug! Balderdash! Tommyrot! Poppycock!

This election was the year of the Yellow Dog Republican.
Just one more thing. Not to pick on PoliPundit, but by far the most annoying phrase from the Clinton years is, "It's the economy, stupid!" Every election since 1992 has had some version of this: "It's terrorism, stupid!" or "It's the war, stupid!" or "It's values, stupid!" or "it's jobs, stupid!" And those are just from this cycle.

You get the point. Both sides are guilty of this wannabe witty approach to election punditry. I'm calling for a permanent moratorium on the "it's the [whatever], stupid!" phrase. It's time to retire this relic of campaigns past. Please, for the good of the country, honor this simple little request. And while you're at it, retire "you go, girl!" also. Thank you.