Sunday, November 14, 2004

Kerry's new excuse

He didn't hear the question about whether he'd have voted to authorize the war again. Oh yeah, he didn't hear b/c some of his hearing had been lost in Vietnam.

One other thing:

"Now, as Kerry campaign strategists try to fathom his Nov. 2 loss, one word emerges out of the rubble: war. History suggested the difficulties of beating a wartime president, even one with a job approval rating under 50 percent. But Kerry's own tortured relationship to war, dating to his youth, enabled the GOP to portray him as weak and inconsistent."
I guess it depends on which poll you are looking at when it comes to the President's pre-election approval rating, but it is not clear or evident that he was under 50%. Rasmussen, Gallup and Battleground polls all had Bush over 50%. Four other polls had Bush at 49%. All of these polls were within the margin of error.