Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Media Divided

George Neumayr of the American Spectator has a great piece today. Here's a snippet.

"The American people did not want to entrust one nation under God to a

Massachusetts liberal who campaigned with Bruce Springsteen and Peter, Paul, and

Mary, a Senator who voted with NARAL 100% of the time, and a renegade Catholic

who wouldn't recognize a moral teaching of his own church if it hit him coming

around the corner.

It was quite a dismaying revelation to the media that so many traditional marriage propositions passed across the country. Reporters treated the numbers like a curious anthropological finding. Kerry was of course tone-deaf on this too. His clumsy appropriation of Lisa Cheney for polemical purposes didn't help him one bit, and his contrived goose-hunting just confirmed to middle America that he was a patrician phony, posing for the peasants while the help collected the fowl he pretended to shoot.

It chafes on reporters that the American people voted for George Bush not in spite of his faith but because of it. They work hard to conjure up a 'divided' nation on moral and religious matters, but again this is more a reflection of their feelings than the country's. The American people don't have a problem with Bush's faith; the media do. The aging heads of CBS -- Dan Rather, Ed Bradley sporting an earring, Lesley Stahl, and Bob Schieffer -- looked at the results with puzzlement. They had never seen the country so divided -- from their agenda. "