Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My Voting Experience

I actually had to wait in line for 5 whole minutes! I was intimidated (don't ask me to prove it) and disenfranchised (under the Democrat's definition, actually voting doesn't stop you from claiming disenfranchisement)! Somebody even rolled their eyes at me!

In all seriousness, it was kinda busy. The poll worker said people were lined up down the driveway (I vote in some guy's garage) at 7 when they opened, but when I got there, only 7 or 8 people were in front of me and 5 of those were in the voting booth. It took some time b/c some elderly/newly minted American citizens were having trouble with the touchscreen. Nothing unusual about that. The one thing I did bother me was that a lady showed up to vote and they listed her as an absentee voter. They didn't put a fight and let her vote anyway. I wish they would double check that stuff more thoroughly at the time, or if they find that she did vote absentee as well, they throw out that ballot (though they should throw out both, b/c of FRAUD). I got some looks b/c I was wearing my Reagan-Bush '84 button. I'm hoping for a little karma along those lines. Other than that it was a pleasant experience. People were coming in prior to work, but it didn't seem like the wait would be longer than 20-30 minutes, which I think is reasonable.