Thursday, November 18, 2004

Taking out Terrorists in Fallujah

Check out this video from an airstrike in Fallujah. It's quite reassuring to know that we can kill these scumbags at will. Read this description that accompanies the video first.

Some Marines were pinned down in a building in a Fallujah neighborhood. Terrorists (RATS or Cockroaches which ever you prefer) throughout the city heard about it and were rushing to the area to try and take the Marines out. The Marines called in air support and the first responders were Air Force F-16's. This video shows a group of guerrilla's rounding a corner onto the street leading to the Marines. The F-16's altitude appears in the upper right corner. In the lower right corner is the countdown until the bombs impact. The crosshairs in the middle indicate where the pilot is directing the laser spot to guide the bombs. The number just to the right of the crosshairs is the length of one of the arms of the crosshairs on the ground in meters. The bombs are two 500lb laser guided bombs. Anyone standing unprotected within a quarter mile of their impact is killed instantly. The total casualty count from this one strike was 48 and No Marines were hurt!!!! Roger, BS