Friday, November 05, 2004

We don't want to be lectured to by a bunch of arrogant elitest snobs

Why Americans Hate Democrats - A Dialogue - The unteachable ignorance of the red states. Smiley's piece is just another loony left, blame America for the way it voted article, much like the Krugman article I discussed earlier. Again, the problem with Smiley's analysis, besides its lack of relation to reality, is that it assumes that the Americans who voted for Bush are too stupid to know any better - that Bush made us "Hate Democrats" and that is why we voted for him. Is that really the best argument she can make? Is it possible that most American's don't share her view of the world? Is she so sure of her own ideology that there is no other possible view in the spectrum? Is it possible that we simply don't trust Democrats on many of these issues, not that we hate them? She seems to believe that if only the left were able to "teach" us the correct way to view issues, we wouldn't be so gullible as to fall for Bush's mind games. It seems the only way to correct this injustice, to ensure we all agree in the future, is to send us idiots who view life differently than the ivory tower, Hollywood, secular, coastal elitists, to left wing re-education camps. And these people think they are "tolerant!"