Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Diversity Cult

From The American Spectator on the Summers mess:
"Consequently, a teaching staff can be largely male or largely female without any harm to students. If every female teaching candidate Harvard interviewed were like Marie Curie, Harvard could hire them all and have 100% female representation. Would that be 'diverse'? No, but it would guarantee that Harvard students received brilliant instruction. Similarly, if every candidate were like Albert Einstein, Harvard could hire all male mathematicians and serve its students.

Nonstop calls for diversity are evidence of a politicized faculty that couldn't care less about students save as vessels for their politics. A high percentage of male mathematicians isn't an academic problem -- students won't learn less as a result -- it is just a political problem for ideologues who wish to bend reality to their will. This ideology isn't rational enough to be called religion; it is more like a cult. And since its claims aren't founded on reality but sheer willfulness and caprice, it can't persuade those who reject them by showing them that their evidence is wrong; it can only force them into agreement through political pressure and by banishing anyone who calls the superstitions into question. "
I couldn't have said it better myself.