Monday, February 14, 2005

Give me a freakin' breack

Math is racist because minorities don't do as well:

"One of the ways I would apply anti-racist education to math is to ask, 'why is it that, generally speaking, white kids get better access to upper-level math learning than low-income kids and kids of color?'" Sleeter said. "[And] in what ways might math and science serve as tools for understanding and dealing with various social issues?"
So rich white kids fare better in math. The reason? Racism, of course! There can't possibly be some explanation other than racism, can there?

Oh, wait. There's more:
According to benchmarks for middle school education, the top objective for the district's math teachers is to teach "respect for human differences." The objective is for students to "live out the system-wide core value of 'respect for human differences' by demonstrating anti-racist/anti-bias behaviors."

THIS is the top objective! How about reading, writing and freakin' arithmetic!!! Oh, wait, can't teach that. It's racist! These commie teachers/educrats are out of control. Of course this is true blue America, Newton, Mass (a tony rich liberal "niche").