Thursday, March 17, 2005

Barbara Boxer is a total idiot

I hate to say stuff like that, even about liberals I can't stand, but in this case, how can anyone deny it with a straight face. My senator (unfortunately - Damn you, Bill Jones) admitted that the filibustering Senate Dems's argument is that the Constitution requires a supermajority to confirm judges. And if she is merely arguing that it ought to, she is acting unconstituionally because if it ought to, then it doesn't now.

She said (at the Dem/ rally):
Why would we give lifetime appointments to people who earn up to $200,000 a year, with absolutely a great retirement system, and all the things all Americans wish for, with absolutely no check and balance except that one confirmation vote. So we're saying we think you ought to get nine votes over the 51 required. That isn't too much to ask for such a super important position. There ought to be a super vote. Don't you think so? It's the only check and balance on these people. They're in for life. They don't stand for election like we do, which is scary.
Even more scary: Boxer has been elected by my fellow Californians 3 times in a row! (Head down, shaking). Since Condi won't run in 2008, she should take out Boxer in 2010!