Thursday, March 17, 2005

One of Goldberg's Finest

The Dem's non-reality reality:
Lastly there's Chait's solipsism. His version of reality cannot explain liberals who disagree with him. Are liberals who oppose free trade simply morons who can't do the math? Was Hillary Clinton less of a liberal because she opposed welfare reform? What about Marian Wright Edelman? Are the Europeans who've refused to recognize that the economic rot of their welfare states really conservatives because they can't face facts? Are liberals in America who envy Europe's economic model incapable of recognizing its flaws? How does Chait explain anybody to his left - either ideologically or simply in the next office over from him - who disagrees with him? If liberals always go where the facts take them - you in the back, stop laughing - how is it that liberals ever disagree? He might say that only conservatives operate in ideologically blinkered bad faith and God-defying false-consciousness. But I think the real answer is that in Chait's formulation the facts can only be what he finds them to be. And one senses that he really thinks God should come down and tell everyone that's the case.
A must read.