Thursday, April 14, 2005

Scalia gets gay question

Scalia has rhetorically sodomized some of the more asinine lefty arguments and opinions, but this question shows just how out of legitimate arguments (and class) these lefties really are. No logic, just feelings.

Scalia was right not to answer the question. But, the point here is that it does not matter whether or not Scalia or any of the other justices engage in sodomy. The question was whether or not the US Constitution permitted states to ban it. Scalia said the Constitution did, though a majority of the SCOTUS said that even though the issue is not mentioned in the Constitution, and despite SCOTUS's ruling in 1986 that the Constitution did not bar states from doing so, that all of a sudden in 2003, the Constitution changed and barred states from outlawing gay sodomy.

This reminds an episode when I was in law school where an arch lefty student complained that prisoners were not allowed to attend the oral arguments for their case because they were in jail. She argued that if the judges were allowed to see the criminal (or victim in her mind - it was a seizure case we were discussing) that the judges would feel sorry and rule differently (or not as strictly). To my mind, this was all irrelevant. What matters is whether the law permits something or not. Personal feelings don't matter.