Monday, May 23, 2005

Asymetrical Joke

This "deal" is unacceptable because it (a) does not call for an up or down vote in the cases of all nominees; (b) wildly misinterprets the advice and consent clause, effectively moving it from Article II to Article I by demanding that the Senate have a say in the "nomination" process, rather than in the appointment process (yes, there is a distinction); (c) upholds the filibuster as an acceptable response to judicial nominees (when it has not been for over 200 years); (d) allows the Dems for filibuster in "extraordinary circumstances" and we all know what that means, but the GOP can't go nuclear in this Congress even if the Dems filibuster in ordindary circumsances; and (e) had the GOP invoked the nuclear option it would have got all of the nominees voted on, cleared the way for the SCOTUS nominations to be voted on, and demonstrated that the GOP is ready for leading a majority in this country. In other words, yes the GOP got its best nominees through, but short-lived gain for long term loss is not what I'd call a winning deal.

I'm really disappointed in Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. I thought he had a spine. McCain - goodbye presidential aspirations. Why would he work to weaken the office if he had such a high esteem of it? So liberals like him? Give me a break.

Update: Apparently this deal is based on the "trust and confidence" of the parties. Why on earth would any Republican rely on the good word of a Senate Democrat? Ok, trust, but where is the verify!