Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Schmuck Chumer

What is ridiculous about Chuck Schumer's argument about the GOP being beholden to the "hard right" is his failure to mention his is providing him with his marching orders:

From the imfamous Democrat strategy memos as discussed in the Washington Times:
The memos also reveal the close relationship between Democrats and the outside groups.

In a June 21, 2002, memo to Democrats Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Durbin, Sen. Charles E. Schumer of New York and Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington, a staffer urged delaying a hearing for Mr. Estrada to "give the groups time to complete their research and the committee time to collect additional information."
So Mr. Schumer was coordinating nomination votes with outside groups, who are of course demanding that no Bush nominees get confirmed.

How about this:

Ben Brandzel, advocacy director for's political action committee, said he does not believe Democratic leaders will compromise on preserving filibuster rights - but that it would not be well received by the online liberal group if they did.

"Our members are fired up about this," said Brandzel, whose group is planning to distribute leaflets at openings of the new "Star Wars" movie this week, carrying cell phones for people to use to call their senators while waiting in line.

These memos (.pdf) paint a real good picture of how these left wing activists groups like NOW, NAACP, NARAL, People for the American Way, are dictating Democratic strategy on Bush judicial nominees. And Senator Schumer, let's not pretend that groups like MoveOn aren't pushing the Democrat Senators to filibuster Bush nominees and are one of the biggest and most active Bush hating groups going.

And remember, it was a liberal professor's idea to block all of Bush's Supreme Court nominees out of hand before any were even nominated. It isn't difficult to see that filibuster would be and is being utilized because these are Bush nominee's, and not necessarily because their particular views, though of course those are objectionable to far left liberal Democrats like Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Patrick Leahy, and Hillary Clinton.

So Mr. Schumer. Forgive me if I don't take your arguments at face value.