Monday, September 05, 2005

The O'Connor Seat

Janice Rogers Brown for O'Connor's spot?

I hope to see President Bush name someone to fill this spot quite shortly. The top of my list would be Judge Luttig of the 4th Circuit. He is an excellent conservative jurist. If Bush chooses to go a different route, however, Judge Brown would also make a great selection, though the perils inherent in nominating a black conservative have already been seen. The Dems would surely resurrect the fillibuster and the gang of 14 would evaporate, as the captain has said. But that, however, is the reason that I don't think Bush will nominate her. But if Bush desires to nominate a woman or minority (honestly, I'd hope that type of criteria would not be considered), then Bush should nominate Miguel Estrada, whom he nominated to the DC Court of Appeals before he withdrew his name after a BS Dem fillibuster. I doubt the gang of 14 would break up over his nomination and with the Roberts precedent on document requests, Estrada could now withstand the Dems disingenous arguments that he isn't well enough known. He'd be a great pick for the court, though Bush may want to renominate him for the Roberts spot on the DC Circuit.