Monday, October 10, 2005


What's wrong with this?

"But let's also be clear, if Ms. Miers's candidacy is sunk, it will be a rebuke not only of her but of the president himself. For some on Capitol Hill such a rebuke will come at a steep political price. This president has been extremely cooperative with Congress, but if he is handed a large and very public political defeat by the Senate, the political dynamics will change. The president may even decide he needs to take a stronger hand with Congress if he is to get anything done in his last few years in office.

We can hope getting tougher would mean allying with spending foes in the House, vetoing pork-laden bills and shelving plans to back 'safe' but moderate Republican senators (like Mr. Specter) when they face serious primary challenges from conservative candidates. We can also hope getting tough would include picking a solid conservative Supreme Court nominee. But in any case, the political climate is changing in Washington.