Monday, October 10, 2005

Hugh Hewitt doesn't get it

The latest from Hugh Hewitt:

If those disappointed by the Miers nomination want to assure that a Michael Luttig or a Michael McConnell never get nominated much less through the Senate, they will pursue tactics that will diminish the Senate majority so that the constitutional option is off the table.

1. Pissing off your supporters by breaking a clear promise is NOT a way to expand the Senate majority, and it doesn't help things for 2008 either.

2. The Miers nom sets a further precedent that jurists with a clear conservative judicial philosophy will never get nominated because only "stealth" candidates will do.

3. Allowing Miers to go through with "blind" support lets Bush know that he is off the hook next time (IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME!!!) and free to nominate anyone he wants without regard to his earlier express promise to nominate Scalia/Thomas types. If Harriet Miers go through, I guarantee that the next pick will be Alberto Gonzalez. Dobson and crew will shill for him the same way they are now.

And frankly, I don't know why it is acceptable to some people who call themselves conservatives to allow Bush to break his promise this time and expect him to keep it next time. Also, there is no assuming that there will even be a next time, so why waste this pick on Miers, when Luttig or McConnell would make much better justices than Miers, a point to which NO ONE disagrees!

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