Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hugh Hewitt loses it

Hugh Hewitt:

"It may come as a shock to people, but I am a Republican, who believes that the care and nurturing of governing majorities of the GOP in the Senate and the House in time of war, and the preparation for a monumental struggle with Hillary in 2008, are crucial --indeed the most important-- goals on the table.

We can lose the war. We can suffer terrorist attacks far more devastating than 9/11. Iran is not being deterred, and North Korea continues to be run by an unbalanced dictator with nukes. There are at least hundreds of thousands and probably millions of Islamofascists who would gladly bring WMD to this country and use them in our major cities. I would have preferred a different nominee, and I hope that my short list is the president's short list the next time a vacancy occurs.

But the field is large, many forces are at work on it only a few of which I glimpse, and President Bush has not broke his word on a promise to his party yet. I will not presume the first occasion of such a breach simply because I am disappointed. I do know that the president knows Harriet Miers very, very well indeed, and that his record on judges is very, very good."

The struggle for the Supreme Court is the front line of the culture wars and the battle against the left's war against democracy in America. Ceding that ground to the lefties is not the way to win that war. It is also not the way to win the war against terrorists. I know what Hugh is saying. He is saying that if don't support Miers the GOP will lose control of the Federal Government and a Hillary presidency means we won't fight terrorists and we'll all be dead. That's quite a stretch given the SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS TO THE PARTY CAUSED BY THIS PRESIDENT'S NOMINATION OF AN UNQUALIFIED CRONY TO THE SUPREME COURT!

It is long past time to worry about governing majorities. Had Bush nominated a true legal conservative, AS HE PROMISED IN 2 CAMPAIGNS, this GOP schizm wouldn't have emerged as it has. It defies logic that the Bush WH is so willing to twist the arms of its strong conservative supporters on such a fundamental issue as the nomination of legal conservatives to the Supreme Court, but it lacks the will to twist the arm of a few spineless Northeastern liberal Republicans to support the president as he keeps a fundamental campaign promise. The solution to the problem here is withdrawal of the Miers nomination, by either her or the President. The solution is not to hold our noses and shut the hell up and support putting an unqualified O'Connor lite crony on the court. To do so IN THE HOPES THAT NEXT TIME (if there even IS a next time - we shouldn't assume there will be) is not only a wasted opportunity, but waving the white flag.