Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm furious

Some people don't think it is right to question the president on this pick. "If there's anything dumber than liberal these days, it is whiney conservatives who are acting like liberals when President Bush doesn't follow their advice."

This frustration with the Miers pick isn't about Bush not following our advice, it is about Bush's failure to live up to his promise of promoting well-qualified strict constructionists to the federal bench, not unintellectual cronies from 2nd tier law schools who have no federal judicial experience.

That may be hard to take for some of you, but I ain't falling on the sword for a Miers nomination. W will have to go it alone.

Yes, Presidents deserve some deference when it comes to their nominations, but NOT when the nominee is a crony. If Miers wasn't close friends with the president leading the nominee search mind you, she wouldn't have even been considered.

"I think Ms. Mier is a person cast in his mold and I think she holds very similar beliefs about the Constitution."

Based on what? Her stint at the Texas Lottery Commission? You don't know jack about her views and we're told to assume she'll be a Scalia or Thomas as a leap faith. The mantra "No More Souters" means that we shouldn't have to do that anymore.

Do I like the president personally? Yes, I think he is a nice man and a good Christian, but this pick makes me question his ability to lead. If he would have tapped Luttig or Brown or Jones or Garza or Alito, I'd have jumped through a wall to get them on the court because they were what we were promised. Not Miers and not a "stealth" nominee. Bush seriously risks the GOP control of the Senate in '06. How's he gonna a get a true originalist through if the Dims are in control of the joint?

Legal conservatives should not have to hide their views. This pick ingrains the idea that they have to to get ahead.