Thursday, October 27, 2005

No one should be gloating today

The Editors on at National Review Online make this critical point. I agree. This withdrawal has not been a victory, in fact, it may have set our cause back a little, but not as far back as it would have been set back by a Miers confirmation. That said, I'm still optimistic that Bush will do right by us and nominate a candidate the embodies judicial conservatism and has a record to back it up. I'm not as optimistic as I was when Miers was announced, but I was really impressed by Roberts and thus the track record was super. The Miers nom has made me more cautiously optimistic on the next one, so I'm not pledging support until I see who it is. I do, however, look forward to supporting the nomination, as much as I desired supporting Miers, though I couldn't in good conscience do so.

Mr. President. You have your mulligan. I can't wait for your next rip and may this drive be long and down the middle of the fairway, with a slight fade to the right.