Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not the "Do-Over" I was hoping for

From Bench Memos:
Republicans See Hope For Miers With Their "Do-Over" Strategy. White House and Republican operatives working on the troubled Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers said today that the effort to reintroduce the White House counsel as an accomplished lawyer appears to be working with her critics and the media. The strategy, outlined over the weekend, will have Miers and the White House moving past her personal and religious background to focus on her achievements as a lawyer, which include many firsts for a woman. "On the Miers front," said a key official involved in her nomination campaign, "it seems that the press has bought into the whole 'do-over'." He added that the effort has led to some Democratic criticism of her record, "which is a good thing." The goal of the effort is to stifle conservative calls for Miers to withdraw her name and get to Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, where the White House believes she will make a winning case for her appointment. - Bulletin exclusive from U.S. News