Friday, October 07, 2005

On "The Fight"

One of the reasons cited for opposing Miers, is that we miss out on an opportunity to fight it out with the Democrats over judicial philosophy and role of the courts in the Amerian system. This reality is true, however, only because the Democrats promised to fight tooth and nail against this nominee if he/she was conservative, regardless of how qualified the nominee was.

If Bush nominated Janice Rogers Brown, Edith Jones, Michael Luttig or Emilio Garza the lefties would have gone nuts and STARTED A FIGHT! A president does deserve deference in is SCOTUS picks (unless they are unqualified cronies or crooks) and the Democrats would be trying to break with that norm to oppose an obviously qualified person.

It is wrong to argue against Miers on the basis that we wanted to start a fight with the Dems over judicial philosophy, but it is correct to say that the Dems would have picked a fight with us because of their petty adherence to their loony left puppet masters' wishes that they try to undo the last 2 elections.

The Dems wanted a fight no matter what. Bush shouldn't have bought into the line that his act of nominating a conservative would get the blame for starting the fight.