Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The start of advice and consent!

Brownback Skeptical on Miers Nomination

Senator Sam Brownback says he and other conservatives have "a great deal of skepticism" about Harriet Miers, President Bush's latest nominee for the Supreme Court.

The Kansas Republican is disappointed Bush did not pick a candidate with more of a track record. He had urged Bush to nominate someone who opposes the Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

Brownback compared the nomination of Miers -- Bush's White House counsel -- to that of Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Souter was nominated to the high court by the first President Bush and was believed to be a conservative, but he later turned out to be liberal on the bench.

Brownback is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He will meet with Miers in his Senate office on Thursday.