Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Boo Hoo

Dems whine about not getting their national security views aired in the media.

Uh, yeah. There are a couple of obvious explanations. 1) they don't have anything newsworthy (or interesting) to say about the subject, (2) their views are so well known and disliked that giving them time to repeat them is just a waste of time. 2 is basically the same as one. Just because Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi call a press conference doesn't mean that its newsworthy.

When the president gives a primetime speech on the anniversary of 9/11, yeah, that is newsworthy. The Dems just don't like it that they are out of power. I propose that they offer the voters a preferable alternative and win elections. They seem unlikely to do that, so until then, tough.