Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't blame me, I voted for Lovejoy

Feinstein says she'll fight 49ers over 'SF' identity:
"Feinstein said her staff is investigating possible legislation that would prevent the team from using either San Francisco or 49ers in its name if it moves. She also wants to require the NFL, which has experienced more than a half-dozen franchise moves in the past two decades, to have more of a say in team moves. And, Feinstein added, cities should get the right to block pro teams that leave team from using their city name as part of the team's name."
What a splendid use of taxpayer money and legislative time! Don't bother confirming Bolton to the UN. Please focus on what's really important. What a dolt. I'd like to add that Feinstein represents ALL Californians (and all American women), not just those in San Francisco. Santa Clara is in California, too. I guess you can take the gal out of San Francisco, but you can't take San Francisco out of the gal. I hope Santa Clara voters are paying attention. Unfortunately, we just rubberstamped her return to the Senate, so we'll have to wait 6 years to do something about it (yeah, right!).