Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The world is going to pot

You're not allowed to say homosexuality is immoral, even though that's the government's policy.

Update: I'm simply shocked that so many Republicans are criticizing General Pace's comments. Is it not the position of Republicans (in general) that homosexuality is immoral? Isn't there a reason that the GOP is pretty solidly united behind not allowing gays in the military and actually supporting traditional marriage, which reasons include the idea that homosexuality is immoral? Has the GOP gone so PC that it can't say what it thinks on issue of morality? Do our leaders simply give lip service at election time to our position, but when it matters, they won't lift a finger to support that position and actually are critical of those who feel that way? It sure as hell looks that way.

Does the GOP think homosexual acts are moral? Let those who do, say so, on the record, and pay the price at the ballot box.