Friday, April 13, 2007

It's starting already

DNC's Media Matters Wants To Censor Talk Radio

Only libs take David Brock and Media Matters seriously, but he's using the Imus episode to take on conservative talk radio. He wants to examine all the "hate speech" on talk radio to get Rush and Hannity and Savage and others banned from the airwaves. Of course, "hate speech" from a lib's perspective is simply expressing non-lib or conservative ideas or joking about dems and their left-wing special interest puppet-masters.

Let's face it, there are a lot of people in this country who don't want to hear things they don't like. The Sharptons and Jacksons and NAGs and PETAs of this country, as well as atheists and gays and Muslims and Christians and Jews and rednecks simply cannot stand to hear something they don't like. Some of it they find insulting. Some of it is. Some of it is geninuely interesting or funny or stupid or insulting. So what?

So we have reached the point in this country that as soon as someone hears something they don't like or find offensive, the immediate reaction is to overreact. To bitch and moan and complain and get Don Imus fired because he said something they didn't like and found insulting. Are we as a society so oversensitive, so fragile that we can't take any insult without making a federal case out of it?

This situation isn't about race or gender. it was bout the Rutgers girls basketball team and their appearance. That's it. Imus's comments weren't aimed at "all women" or "all blacks" or anyone but them. Given that FACT, others around the country who aren't a member of that team had no business being so damned "hurt" by some stupid comments an old crank made. I mean, who really cares that much?

Of course, what happened was that the usual camera hogging suspects pop up and make a federal case out of hte whole thing. That is what this Imus situation is. Some Rutgers basketball players got insulted by Imus. They probably didn't know who the hell he was before this. But did it affect their lives? Hell no. They're just words. They don't break bones. No one takes them seriously. Why should these girls give a rat's ass about what some old crank on the radio says about them. They should respond by ignoring him or calling him an old fart who isnt' taken seriously and leave it at that. They should grow up. They aren't victims.

Instead, what we get is stupid libs like David Brock calling for people with whom he disagrees to be removed from the airwaves. He's trying to exercise the heckler's veto and that is not what free speech means in this country and it is not what this country is all about. I say let people have their say, whether it's Imus or Rush or Brock as long as they have an audience. If you don't like what they are saying, provide an alternate viewpoint. provide competition for ideas. Respond to speech you don't like with speech you do like. Shutting people up is not the solution. If they are as bad as you think, others will stop listening.

The bottom lines that in the end, if you don't like what they say, turn the dial or the channel or hit the off button. That's your remedy. That's America.