Tuesday, May 22, 2007

John Derbyshire read my mind

From a Corner post on NRO:
"(1) We don't need no steenkin' bill. We have all the laws we need. Let's enforce them. Illegal immigration is a law-enforcement issue. The only further legislative action that might be required is appropriation of funds to hire more immigartion cops. *Any* other bill is is a bad bill. Just enforce the law. What is the point of making new laws if the Executive won't enforce the current ones?

(2) If the congressfolk really have time on their hands & would like to ponder immigration issues, I suggest they tackle LEGAL immigration. For starters:

(2a) No work visas to be issued for any line of work in which there is not a dramatic shortage of workers, the only acceptable evidence of shortage being (i) steady, prolonged & fairly dramatic (I'll be happy to offer some quantification formulas) upward movement of wages/salaries, coupled with (ii) well-documented shortfalls in people entering study or training/apprenticeship programs for the line of work.

(2b) End birthright citizenship.

(2c) End all 'chain migration' rights except for spouse & minor children.

(2d) Impose draconian penalties on visa overstayers, including lifetime exclusion from the U.S."