Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Status Quo on Immigration

Bush Presses Senate GOP on Immigration
"It's going to take a lot of hard work, a lot of effort. We've got to convince the American people this bill is the best way to enforce our border. I believe that without the bill, it's going to be harder to enforce the border. The status quo is not acceptable," Bush said.
Honestly, the status quo on immigration is a government, particularly the executive branch of the federal government, that refuses to enforce current immigration law because it is too diffiult (according to them) to do so. Well, creating a huge new bureaucracy that will itself create millions of new illegal aliens is NOT better than the status quo and WILL make it more difficult to enforce the border and immigration laws. No believes that the government will all of a sudden find it easy to boot out the illegals. It will not. It will ignore the problem and find ways around what little there is in enforcement measures in the comprehensive bill.

The bottom line is that if the Bush and his administration and all the Dems want to see any form of amnesty pass Congress, they will have to prove over a period of YEARS that they are willing to enforce the current immigration laws that already exist and are presently being ignored. Until they do that, no one will take seriously any claims that only new legislation will allow the government to enforce its laws. In other words, if it won't enforce the current laws, why would it enforce the future laws? They won't and thus this legislation must die.