Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WSJ gets it wrong on the amnesty bill

Immigration and the GOP

To summarize, the WSJ argues that the GOP efforts to kill the bill will make Hispanics angry at the Republicans and turn them all into Democrats. In other words, this article offers little more than the same old candard that the opposition to illegal immigration is somehow racist. That is a shame. Normally responsible papers like the WSJ should not be demagoguing the issue this way. If they are responsible and refuse to do so and accurate explain the conservative opposition to this legislation, Hispanics would not bolt the GOP. In fact, I'd be they'd be more inclined to vote for politicians serious about enforcing the laws, allowing assimilation and in turn, more opportunity for legal immigrants.

It also offers another false premise, i.e., that this amnesty bill constitutes a solution to the problem of illegal immigration and the electorate desires something be done regardless of whether it works or not. The fact is that this bill will cause more illegal immigration. That's a not a solution. That is THE problem.

That the country is against this amnesty bill and does not want it, and yet a group of Senators and White House officials negotiated it in the dark and won't allow real debate or hearings or the normal legislative procedures and is trying to force down our throats is telling. Common sense says scrap it and start over. It's too bad that doesn't bother the WSJ.