Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Left-WingNut Case for Impeachment of the VP

Some lefty argues for impeachment here in some online rag called "The Progressive" a misnomer if there ever was one. Please read it for yourself to get full grasp of Dick Cheney's "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" that allegedly justify his impeachment. I read because I've been hearing about the prospects of impeachment and was curious as to the reasons for it.

After reading this article, however, I'm more convinced than ever that Dick Cheney and GWB have nothing to worry about as the argument boils down to disagreement over policy and only conclusory claims of acting "subversive of constitutional government" as if that means anything.

The article does not list any specific acts which constitute high crimes or misdemeanors. However, here are some of the items that apparently warrant impeachment.

  • Insisted that detainees had no due process rights
  • Vigorously opposed any moves by Congress to outlaw torture, and got Congress to exempt the CIA from the ban. [doesn't this make Congress an accessory?]
  • Insisted that the Military Commissions Act, which Congress passed, include a section that lets the President decide whether something is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.[doesn't this make Congress an accessory?]
  • initially advocated for detentions in secret CIA prisons around the globe, the Post reported, and who prevailed upon Bush to resume them.
  • first hyped the case for the Iraq War
  • directed the outing of Valerie Plame and the campaign to smear Joe Wilson.
  • was the prime mover behind Bush's signing statement spree.
  • he said that Saddam Hussein had actually reconstituted nuclear weapons
  • leaned all over the CIA in the lead-up to the Iraq War and he cherry-picked and stove-piped any information that served to buttress his case.
  • in the days after 9/11, he insisted that the United States would have to work the "dark side" in the war on terror.
  • the Vice President's lawyer, David Addington (now his chief of staff), was instrumental in drafting the President's February 7, 2002, directive, which said that U.S. personnel would abide by the Geneva Conventions "to the extent appropriate and consistent with military necessity."
  • His attorney played a central role in shattering limits on coercion in U.S. custody
None of those things are illegal or criminal in the least. In fact, most of them boil down to not liking Cheney and his administration, being sour about the war. All administrations do similar things in one way or another and n0 one of them get impeached for it.

But, to summarize, Cheney should be impeached for insisting, opposing, advocating, hyping, directing, saying, leaning, cherry-picking, stove-piping [what is that?] being a prime mover and having an attorney who was instrumental and who drafted a memo.

Like I said. Cheney has nothing to worry about.