Wednesday, July 11, 2007

They know who to be afraid of

Fred Thompson on Hannity

Hannity: The L.A. Times does this piece saying you lobbied for abortion rights. You say that's absolutely not true.

Thompson: No. In the first place, you have to separate a lawyer advocating a position from the position itself. And they'll probably come at me, in thirty-five years of law practice, with some people - I represented criminal defendants, I was a prosecutor, I had a general law practice. So that in and of itself doesn't mean anything anyway. I have - they said I called John Sununu and lobbied him on a deal. I called Sununu and said, 'Do you remember this?' He said 'no!' So that was the end of that. I'm not gonna get down in the weeds with every thing that they dredge up over the next six months... but in terms of already being a target, I'll just say, they know who to be afraid of.