Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another liberal attempt at censorship

Green Groups Want Home Depot to Pull Ads From Fox
A videoclip by the liberal Brave New Films, posted online, features a montage of guests on the channel expressing skepticism about some of the claims made about the causes and implications of climate change.
Whatever happened to dissent being patriotic? I guess it doesn't apply if the "dissent" is to a liberal point of view/opinion. In any event, it isn't Fox that is allegedly holding these views, its the views of its guests. Fox simply happens to give both sides on the issue of global warming a chance to state their case. What is the harm in that?

Well, to liberals, there is always harm in allowing the other side to be heard. That is why they hate Fox News so damn much. That is why they go apoplectic when someone disputes global warming. They simply can't afford to have another view heard because it limits their ability to impose their radical socialist agenda on the rest of us. That's another reason why PC exists. It's why they want to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine" to shut people up. Ironically, they are also the ones who are frequently screaming that others are trying to shut liberals up when nothing of the sorts is happening.

I see they're not trying to attack the advertisers of CNN, the major networks or other liberal newspapers. That probably means that those media sources don't provide both sides of the global warming debate, which should tell us something about their bias.