Monday, August 13, 2007

Anti-War leftwingnuts have no class

They're protesting outside of Vice President Cheney's house in Wyoming.

I know, "free speech" and all, but just because they have a "right" to protest, does not mean they ought to. Do these loonies really think that by harassing this man, he's gonna cave in and give them what they want: America's military defeat in Iraq and against Al Qaeda? They're dreaming or on drugs or both if they do.

These protests do ring so hollow. These are 60's radicals or wannabe 60's radicals who think that times haven't changed since them. They give themselves too much credit for America's defeat in Vietnam and can't wait to score another loss for America. But times have changed, and these protests are so fake and so un-American that they have lost their effectiveness. These people protest everything under the sun, longing for the 60's, but then a war comes along and they get into full protest mode. The bottom line is that if everything is worth protesting, as it is to these loonies, then nothing is worth protesting.